RB-M26 Outdoor Hand Lifted Double Terminal Bluetooth Speaker Portable Sound


8W dual speakers balanced sound quality
Double diaphragm on both sides to enhance bass
TWS couplets, two pairs of double the effect
Multi-function mode: Bluetooth/FM/USB switch at any time

Category: Product ID: 2003


Number of speakers: 2
Channel 2:2.1
Signal-to-noise ratio: greater than or equal to 100 db
Playback format: MP3
Box material: ABS
Effective distance: 10 meters
Frequency response range: 100 HZ-20 khz
Application: fitness, outdoor, home, portable, outdoor lawn
Power: USB charging/built-in lithium-ion battery
Battery capacity: 1500 Ma
Standby time: 35 hours
Playback time: 4 hours
Size: 315x145x165mm
Weight: 1.4 kg